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Your Fees and Payments Explained

There are 3 major parts to your surgery fees:

1. Your Surgeon's Fee

You will be required to make full payment of all fees 14 days prior to your surgery in hospital, and 14 days prior to undergoing your procedure at Walcott Street Surgical Centre.

You will be given a printed estimate of your surgery costs at the time of consultation. This estimate will list the item number/s and costs associated with your procedure. The item number/s will either be a 3 digit code (for dental procedures) or a five digit code (for medical procedures).

3 digit codes are claimable through your private health insurance fund.

5 digit codes are claimable through Medicare.

We accept all bank debit cards, Credit Cards (except American Express and Diners), cash and cheques.

If for any reason a refund is required our policy is to refund the amount back to you in the same way it was paid. For example, if you paid by credit card, we will refund your credit card; if you paid by direct deposit, the refund will be processed to your bank account.

Please note: Failure to pay your surgeon’s account by the due date will result in your surgery being rescheduled or cancelled.

2. Anaesthetist's Free

Your anaesthetist will send you a separate account for their services. This account is claimable through Medicare or your private health insurance fund. If you have any queries regarding your anaesthetist’s fees, please contact them directly.

3. Hospital/ Facility Fee

Your hospital costs consist of a bed fee and operating theatre fee.

The out-of-pocket expenses of admission to hospital will vary depending upon whether you have private health insurance and what level of cover you have. We recommend that you contact your private health insurance fund to confirm what hospital coverage you have.

Uninsured patients are required to pay the hospital in full 5 days prior to their surgery. Patients with private health insurance are also required to pay any gap (out-of pocket expense ) 5 days prior to admission. Again, if you have any queries regarding hospital expenses, please contact the hospital directly.
You may incur additional fees related to your surgery. These additional costs may include pathology, radiology and pharmacy.
All specimens are sent for examination and evaluation to an accredited pathology laboratory. A fee is payable to the laboratory for this service. This fee can be claimed through Medicare.

We recommend that you contact your private health insurer prior to your surgery to determine your rebate for dental procedures. Medical procedures may have a gap (out-of-pocket expense) payment which will require payment by you.